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One of our goals was to create an organization that had a program for just about any agent. Some agents want the highest contract level and are willing to invest a lot of money each week into their business. Other agents may not be ready for this type of program yet. We hated seeing an agent that we really enjoyed working with leave us just because we didn't have a program that suited their needs. Now we have created programs to fill those gaps. Please see below on how our programs work.


All of the programs below offer the following:

No contract for you to sign.

All programs receive the training/tools that we offer.

Exclusive leads that do NOT get resold to another agent.

You can move from one program to another as you need.

You get paid directly by the insurance carrier, which means you own your book of business.

We use the same leads for all programs. Free leads are the same quality as the other programs.


This program allows for an agent to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) by leveraging high contract levels and being in control of their own leads. You can purchase leads from us or use any external source. This program is best designed for the true INDEPENDENT agents that have experience managing their money and running a business.

If you can't afford to purchase the amount of leads needed to hit your AP goal (see home page for more details), then this program may not be the best choice. If you are moving contracts to our organization for this program, we will match or beat your current levels.


This program was designed to help agents lower the cost of running their business without giving up any control of their business. This program is a very simple concept, you exchange a little of your contract levels in exchange for lower priced leads. Again, you keep all controls and the perks of our organization, you are just getting discounted lead pricing.

90% Contract Level = $22.00 Direct Mail Leads

85% Contract Level = $20.00 Direct Mail Leads

80% Contract Level = $18.00 Direct Mail Leads

75% Contract Level = $16.00 Direct Mail Leads

You pick your level & you can change to another level/program whenever you are ready!


This program was designed to help agents lower the cost of running their business without giving up any control of their business. You keep ownership of your book of business with all of our programs. This program just eliminates the obstacle of paying for leads every single week. This is a great program for experienced agents that struggle with money management issues (and more agents fail because of this than anything else). This program is also great for new agents that want to learn the business without maxing out their credit cards or blow their savings.

This program does come with some "commitments" from the agent, but those are to ensure you put in the work to make the amount of money you need to make.

70% Contract Level with Core Carriers in Exchange for FREE Direct Mail Leads!

Common Problems I Hear From Agents with Other Organizations:

I am working leads that another agent has already been out to see!

I am stuck at a low comp because I have several managers above me.

I want to grow an agency but either my comp is too low or I do not have the help/support to do it.

I have never been properly trained. I was just thrown out to fend for myself.

I want to add additional products, but my IMO doesn't offer them.

​If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, we should definitely chat! If you are just wanting to shop your commission, feel free to reach out and I will give you a confidential commission comparison.



This program was designed for agents that are happy where they are and they are just looking to keep building their momentum. This program allows for you to just pick up missing carriers in your line-up with our organization. You can continue to run your business exactly how you are running it, but now you will have a few additional carriers in your bag. A lot of times this means having some "niche" carriers that pay out higher contract levels than your current carriers.

This is also a good program for agents that want to "feel" out our organization before joining.



Do you currently have an agency or have a desire to build one? We have an entire system designed around that mindset. I personally went from being a field agent, to growing my own agency, to partnering my agency with a large Final Expense IMO and eventually selling it to a private equity firm. Now I am helping others follow the same system and path that I followed in order to experience that same financial freedom.

To explain in text what this program offers would be impossible. I will give you some bullet points and brief explanations, but if this is a program that interests you, we would need to have a conversation over the phone, through video chat or in person.

Our recruiting platform will ensure you are constantly speaking with potential agents.

An entire system to plug your new agents into to ensure you get them going quickly.

Access to capital and lines of credit to grow your business without seeing a dip in revenue.

Lead financing for your agency. Without leads, they can't produce, so we solved that for you.

Help with business tasks such as setting up your LLC, licensing your LLC, audited financials, etc.

Full acquisitions staff and attorneys on our team to help you acquire other agencies. And capital to do so.

Monthly business meetings to help you "check the health" of your agency and ensure it continues to grow.



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