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Children's Life Insurance is a whole life insurance policy that you can buy for a child or a grandchild when they are 14 days to 14 years old. Even though it’s called child life insurance, the coverage can last a lifetime (as long as premiums are paid), and the policy ownership transfers from the parent or grandparent to the child during the year the child turns 21 years old.

Some insurers sell the option of adding a child rider to your own term life policy. V.I.S.E BRIDGE does not offer this option, and you should be aware that the rider expires at the end of your policy term, meaning your child would have to buy their own policy as an adult.

Child life insurance offers financial security to families, helping them cover costs that can come up in the event of a loss of a young family member. That’s something no family wants to think about, but what would already be a difficult time for parents would be even harder if they could not cover final expenses, medical bills, family counseling, or time missed from work.

We all hope your child lives a long, healthy life and that their Grow-Up® Plan provides life insurance coverage that lasts their entire lifetime. It also provides the additional benefit of coverage that doubles during age 18, at no extra cost. Your child will have increased coverage with the same childhood premium rate that never goes up.

And this whole life insurance policy includes a cash value benefit, where a portion of each monthly payment is set aside, so your child can take out a loan if they have an unexpected need in the future, or the need to surrender the policy for the accumulated cash value.

Who's buying life insurance for children?

Parents and grandparents buy child life insurance so they can give financial security to their loved ones. Child life insurance helps families by:

Locking in a childhood life insurance rate that never goes up
Guaranteeing insurability when children become adults
Building cash value over time
Doubling coverage during age 18 automatically — a $10,000 policy becomes $20,000 — with no increase in cost
Preparing families for uncertainties of life

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